Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Critiques of Video sites

You don't know the best video site on the internet. NOW YOU DO. Head to head comparison and why each is flawed.


  • http://www.flurl.com/

    Has way too much porn. way way way too much porn. No option to download videos. Say they only have 2 million videos. Couldn't find Ok Go on treadmill, no Dr. Who original videos. No conversion if words are misspelled. Has a plus minus rating system which favors old repetition of videos although does quickly reject lousy videos. (new videos have to be seen a lot before getting a great rating even if they are in fact great. Kind of a mix of a blog and a video site. Some original funny stuff - "I got fired from phone sex". Videos count remaining time not elapsed time. No rotation of videos on homepage.

  • http://www.zippyvideos.com/

Videos take a while to load. Controls are rollover inside the video. Only shows two related videos at a time. Has related tags and video details. Hard to switch from/to different types of videos. Its strongest point is that it makes related like videos easy accessible, but what if I don't want something like I'm watching? Still in Beta. The girls tag only has 35 hits, and when search for girl have only 2016 hits. (Google video has 1,252,253) Very small site. Again no way to download videos. No rotation of videos on homepage.

By far one of the largest video sites on the web. Excellent site overall, incredible search ability, can have a full size video, can download some videos and offer other videos for sale, has recommendation but they really suck and they aren't anything like what previous video you watched were. Also after you say not interested the next day the same video will be offered as a recommendation. Has format for Ipod built in the download. Can't download all videos easily without hacking them.

Pretty much the same as the Google site except feels more like a blog and can only search youtube not the Google site. Can subscribe to channels. still hard to download. As mentioned before deletes copyrighted videos such as Dr. Who courtesy of the BBC.

Totally a blog site. People are talking to you as if you want to watch a serial of their life. Also uses a plus minus system. Can subscribe to channels. Seems like I get stuck on the current "star" of live journal, like she has half of the videos or something. Probably above 70% are web cam videos. EXTREMELY small site! a search for "girl" and "girls" only yielded 116 results.

Very nice site, funny interesting videos on home page. 2,105 results for dr. who. Uses a 5 star rating system. Can't see video length after search. Also has channels. Search lists Popularity, Channel, and Source along with video. While and after watching it Lists the three videos in the channel to navigate to, the next in line the previous and the current. Not many related videos presented. Need to constantly go back and search for videos. Wider site then most and wider view. 98,448 hits for "girl"

The search capability is everything in a video site and this has the worst I've seen yet. It only has 12 displays per page. While it also lists channel authors with the same search name, it simply doesn't show enough thumbnails if you are searching for something. Would not reccomend at all. Lists aim screen names of authors/directors. Can't download, small site. Does use the five star rating system. I never saw any comments anywhere I went. Has option for explicit content. Can email link to video or post to flickr.

My new site :

  • yet to be named

The best video site on the internet? It doesn't exist yet because I haven't created it. The leading video sites have many great options, but none of them are to download every video that is posted. Is there a way to download videos other then going over seas to dodge copyright laws or just hacking the sites? If you know please answer. Insert the VIDEO MASTER. I plan to do exactly what Bill gates and Steve Jobs did. There are some great ideas on the web and they are ready to be stolen. Take the the best ideas, and integrate them into an easy to use attractive site. Any questions?


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heello,my friend ,did you mean add a link list to your blog .
go to the template page,add a gadget,you select a link list ,and put the links into it ,all done

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okay so there are other video sites on the web that totally suck such as fastweb mentioned. Even worse its in FRENCH!