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Equity isn’t Always Fair


Equity isn’t Always Fair
Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 : 11:00AM

I’ve gotten notes from a couple of you about the story in the Saturday Gazette about the Title IX problems at the University of Charleston. The school is shutting down men’s track and cross country, and as in many circumstances across the country, not to create new women’s teams, but just to get the numbers in balance:

“The moves are indirect results of a complaint filed with the Office of Civil Rights. A former UC softball player, Stephanie Kuhn, created a petition over perceived disparities in treatment between the school’s baseball and softball teams. Part of UC’s agreement to resolve the matter was attention to gender equity.

“Now that we are under the scrutiny of the Office of Civil Rights, we must take steps to increase the percentage of our athletes who are female,’’ said Dr. Ed Welch, the school's president.

According to the release, UC’s student population is 59 percent female and 41 percent male. The university sponsors eight female athletic teams, but females make up just 40 percent of the school’s athletes. A factor in that disparity is the football team.”

That can’t be helpful. If girls like sports less than boys, why punish the boys? Oh, that’s right, the cross country team was probably subliminally oppressing you