Tuesday, September 11, 2007

how to stop a bullet

What is the technology that will make guns a thing of the past? 100 years from now will they still have guns? I mean how do you stop a speeding bullet? Well there a couple of ways: Put a barrier between you and the bullet (a vest) preferablly a light dense material, defer the bullet (a bit harder since you need to move an object that is moving at 700+ mph perhaps 1200+ mph.), Stop the gun from even firing (I would assume this to be extremely hard), something that moves the user once gun is fired, and a weapon that moves faster then a gun, a projectile fired at bullet as it moves.

So we got

  • barrier (bullet proof vest)
  • deferment (electromagnet possibly)
  • stop gun from firing ( no idea)
  • move victim once gun fires (no idea )
  • faster weapon then gun ( no idea)
  • meet projective

    America is living beneath the current technology base we have. We should be driving electric hygogen hybrid cars, using genetics to discover how to eliminate certain diseases, and we should be producing more products. If we don't have manufacturing companies that can reap the profits of inventions, how can we encourage the development of new technology?

    I don't want the government to give me anything, but I do want them to be able to protect my invention from being stolen my people in other countries. Where are the manufacturing jobs?