Friday, October 26, 2007

Gold !RUN! at 28 year high!

On the London Bullion Market, gold prices surged as high as 778.50 dollars per ounce, which was last seen in January 1980. A gold ounce is currently trading at 540.14 euros per ounce and $777.40 per ounce. Krugerrand gold coins are at 800 dollars while the American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins are $804.80 - $874.95 . In early European trade, the euro struck 1.4375 dollars -- the highest level since the single currency's creation in 1999.

What does all this mean? Well the euro is on the rise, the dollar is on the decrease and the price of gold is on the rise. I know nothing so please add input but does this mean oh no... is he actually going to say it... a recession? In 1979 the Gold price doubled in 7 months -- maybe because poeple wanted a sure form of investment?

Question #1 Will the price of gold double again? #2 Will there be a recession in the near future? #3 Are we currently in a recession? #4 Does the global economy and our vast daily investment in communist Chineese products affect this? #5 Will this shape the election in 2008? #6 Will this affect your future? college tuition perhaps? #7 What impact will this plays on American Manufacturing? #8 Will this create a rising superpower out of the European Union? #9 Is Europe now controlled by a central government called the EU? #10 What will have if the price of gold falls drastically? . #11 Has the price of gold ever fallen drastically? #12 What affects will this have on the housing market? #13 Is the stability of the economy totally dependent on the price of gold? #14 Will this affect the stock market? #15 What does Warren Buffet have to say? #16 How will this affect religion? #17 Will Religion affect this first? #18 Will your Aunt Selma still bake chocolate chip cookies? #19 Is this organised by a global intelligence agency? #20 Are they from the US or outside our borders? #21 Will this make Putin resign? #22 What could make Putin resign? #23 Who will replace Putin?

#24 Who will control the man who replaces Putin? #25 Will this affect the government of Columbia? #26 Does anyone care if this affects the government of Columbia? #27 Does anyone care if this affects your next door neighbor? #28 Does anyone care if this affects you? #29 Are you wearing blue socks? #30 Would anyone even think of answering all these questions? #31 How many licks does it take to get to the center of a toosie roll pop? #32 Would you believe 148? #33 You shouldn't. What city will be most affected? #34 What city will be the least affected? #35 Will this impact the car that you drive? #36 Do you even drive a car? #37 What type of car do you drive? #38 Is it made in America? #39 Are you part of the original problem? #40 Is your roommate? #41 Have you met a model? #42 What would you say to her if you had? #43 Is the sun out where you are at? #44 Do you know how to ask questions? #45 Do you find the last question ironic? #46 Do you know how long it took me to write this? #47 Do you think it was worth it? #48 Do you remember the first question? #49 Do you remember the last question? #50 Do you run?

If you take a look at the slope of the gold market its value is increased by a much in fact that its at a 28 year high. By the way just to go back to the recession thing the price of a barrel of new york crude is at $92. Not sure if that means a recession though if US profits are involved in that. Just something to consider. Please weigh in and let me know what you think all of this means.

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