Monday, April 23, 2007

Global warming? Phooey

I mean who actually believes global warming? I'm sure that you already know Sheryl Crow wants to limit the amount of toilet paper you can use to help WIPE OUT global warming. She wants to use"only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required". (

Some of us know that global warming is caused by the sun and weather is a direct effect of sunspots on the sun. (See video above)

"However there is another form of energy carried from the sun to the earth, and it does vary with sunspot activity. This is the energy carried by moving particles, mostly electrons and protons, in what is called the solar wind.
The solar wind flows outward from the sun just as sunlight does, but at a much slower pace. It takes sunlight about eight minutes to reach the earth whereas particles in the solar wind take a day or two.
Sunspots come into play because from or near them emerge streams of particles which enhance the solar wind, sometimes rather drastically. When these enhanced solar wind flows strike the earth, we see more aurora and there are other related effects. The aurora and the related effects clearly demonstrate that the earth is receiving energy other than light from the sun."
"Our long-range forecasts are produced using Piers Corbyn's Solar Weather Technique.
The technique uses predictable aspects of solar activity - particle and magnetic effects from the Sun - as the basis for forecasting weather many months ... and even years ... in advance. Weatheraction forecasts are the only long-range forecasts with proven skill verified by independent academic statisticians with their findings published in scientific peer-reviewed literature (see Forecast Accuracy).
The forecasts for each month are constructed in time windows of just a few days, and include:

" Weather Action forecasts are the only long-range weather forecasts that have proven skill verified by independent academic statisticians and published in scientific literature.
Weather Action skill has been independently verified in a peer-reviewed paper by Dr Dennis Wheeler, University of Sunderland, in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Vol 63 (2001) p29-34. The unique power of the forecasts has also been proven by the profits on Scientific Weather Bets with William Hill at odds and verification organized independently by the UK Met Office.
In 4,000 Weather Test Bets over 12 years with William Hill, Weather Action forecasts made a profit of some 40% (£20,000). The Odds were statistically fair and set by the Met Office before being shortened by W.Hill by a standard 20%; the results were then provided by the Met Office for William Hill to settle each bet (Piers Corbyn is now excluded from such account betting).

Solar Factor Warnings of how forecasts produced using Numerical Models will need correction before the forecast period is reached.
Warning of weather extremes, e.g. when the wettest, windiest, and coldest periods will occur.

I'm not here to promote weather action, but I do believe they are using the right idea. The number of sunspots is irreversibly proportional to the temperature of the earth. Global warming is such a ludicrous idea I don't know why I should even attempt to argue my point. If you can't see the fallacy you really are delusional and focused only on one mindset.

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