Monday, April 23, 2007

The implosion of youtube

Hello I just figured out a monumental problem and I was hoping you could help me solve it. You see you tube keeps deleting videos for copyright infringement. So the creation of a new site without copyright limitation laws is neccesitated. Like China this site would have no patents or free ownership of ideas, but rather everything would be completely shared.

For instance 3 weeks ago I was able to download whatever Dr. Who episode I wanted, however the BBC got involved with youtube and now the material is non-existant on you tube. I'd like to create a new site and I want you to be a part. To kick start the party I will post a great prank (see my 2nd post) on Friday.

The only way to currently get around this is to host outside of America. I really hate taking bussiness out of America, but sometimes I'm selfish.

So what are your ideas? Agree or disagree with intellectual property?

And are there any other options besides outsourcing outside of the jurisdiction of America?

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