Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Have you seen it?

Okay the real purpose of why I started this was becasue I found this really cool video on the internet on youtube but I don't remember the title of it and I was hoping that someone else had seen it.

Here is a description: It starts with a scene that isnt that funny then it fades to an add where these geeks are in shorts and high ankle socks and are in a store that they "own" and are trying to sell pocket protectors and white socks. They get really into it and are quite dramatic. The real reason why I want the video is because of what comes next though. There is a guy sitting at a piano playing and singing this song that probably has 5 words per second of time. He is complaining because he is so prodigious and is putting all these words into the song yet he is only getting the same royalty rate as other musicians who don't work so hard and only have to say la la la la la la. He is a good musicaian and the song is quite funny. So there is basically no chance at all that someone reading this will find the video, but if you do enjoy and if you think about write a reply about where it is. Thanks.

What I am looking for is input. I realize that to have that though first I have to make this site interesting and worth reading. I'll try my best and if you don't like it just leave. (good song)

So here are some of the best short videos on google video.

Tea partay
Ask a ninja series
Is it windy in here?
Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment
Rubens Tube physics experiment (visualized sound) w/ FIRE!!!
All Brainiac videos - thermite and alkali metals the top two
resonance (really fresking amazing) shows the resonance frequencies of sound through sand(or sugar) that is moving

Of course you also have the full movies:
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

I do prefer the small movie over the larger movie's because you can watch more and generally you learn more and they are more funny.

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